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Charnwood PT10S Planer Thicknesser 10″ Spiral Cutter Block

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  • Product Description

    • Low Noise Operation – Spiral Cutter Block
    • High Quality Surface Finish – 44 Tungsten Carbide Cutters
    • Trade Rated Machine – Cast Iron Tables
    • Fast Function Change Over – Parallel Table Lift
    • 10″ Planing Capacity – Ample 3hp Motor
    • 10″ x 7″ Thicknessing Capacity – With Powered Feed rollers
    • High Thickness Accuracy – Mechanical Digital Display

    A combination planer thicknesser with fast changes between functions, a spiral cutter block with TC spur cutters for a smoother finish and noticeably reduced noise levels.

    The large cast iron infeed bed is quick to adjust and lock in place, with a clear setting scale. The bridge guard has simple controls to set the height over the cutters and the gap the the side fence. The side fence can be positioned anywhere across the cutter block, useful for getting even wear on the cutters when working mainly with narrower materials. The fence can also be tilted back to 45 degrees.

    One of the main design improvements on this model, over previous versions, is the quick and easy method to change over from planing to thicknessing.  No need to remove the side fence, just 2 locks to undo and then both beds lift in a parallel motion and lock out when fully raised. Next the dust collection hood swings up and over, latches into place, and you are ready to go.

    Setting the thicknessing depth is done by rotating the cast iron handwheel (1 rotation = 2mm) and reading from the mechanical digital display, accurate to 1/10th of a millimetre. A position lock is fitted which prevents any movement.

    The drive rollers can be disengaged when planing to save wear and tear on the mechanism.

    At the heart of the machine is a spiral cutter block with 4 rows of spur cutters, arranged so that they cut in a shearing action, rather than straight. This type of cutter block is more expensive than a conventional set up but does offer several advantages. The more use the machine gets – the more these advantages pay off.

    Advantages of spiral cutters over conventional knives:
    Shearing Cut = Better finish. Expect a smoother finish in softwood, hardwood and difficult grain.

    Low Sound Levels = Less noise by up to 50%. Each blade is moving less air and taking a smaller cut.
    More Knives = Reduced energy consumption. Each cut uses less energy, overall saving can be 30%.
    TC (Tungsten carbide) Cutters = longer cutter life, up to 10 times compared to HSS. Each cutter can be rotated when worn.
    Less Maintenance = Quick and easy to change out 1 or 2 cutters after a chip.

    Supplied with 5 spare TC cutters, 100mm diameter dust extraction outlet, 4 adjustable feet, push pad, service tools, 2.0m power cable and 16amp industrial blue plug.

    This machine requires a 16amp supply and it is recommended that a C Type breaker is used.


    Charnwood PT10S Specification

    Surfacing Width 250mm (10”)
    Length of Surfacing Tables 1090mm
    Maximum Depth of Cut – Planer 3.0mm
    Fence Size 700mm x 150mm
    Fence Tilt 90-45 Degrees
    Table Height 820mm
    Cutter Block Speed 4,000rpm
    Cutter Block Diameter 75mm
    Cutter Block Type Spiral (4 rows)
    Number of Cutters 44 (4 x 11) TC
    Cutter Size 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm,  R=150
    Thicknessing Capacity 5mm – 180mm
    Length of Thicknessing Table 600mm
    Maximum Depth of Cut – Thicknesser 2.5mm
    Feed Speed 4.8m/min
    Motor ( Induction) 2200w (3hp) / 240v, 50Hz
    Recommended Breaker Size (MCB) 16 Amps (Type C)
    Dust Extraction Outlet 100mm
    Assembled Dimensions (WxDxH) 950 x 1090 x 990mm
    Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH) 590 x 1150 x 950mm
    Weight (Net / Gross) 175kg / 206kg
    Assembly Time Required  45 Minutes (Needs 2 People)
    Rating Trade


    It is essential to use dust extraction with a planer thicknesser. The extractor removes all the dust and chips which will otherwise build up, causing a blockage and eventually damage to the machine. Using an extractor also increases the life of the knives.

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